Monday, August 02, 2004

Kerry, the "war criminal"

When I read Kerry's testimony before Congress in 71, or the "Meet the Press" interview (also 71), his comments and context all seem to be obviously blaming the the administration; that these acts he labels war crimes were ordered, supporting, and condoned by the government; and that it was our government he held responsible.

I can understand why someone would react as he did, and I can understand why others would view those actions with contempt and anger. But it certainly doesn't appear to be an attempt to "blow the whistle" on fellow soldiers nor to stab them in the back, but rather an outraged and possibly misguided attempt to change things. I may not agree with his statements but I don't believe anyone is more entitled to criticize that war than those who served there and I don't believe our government or our military is ever above criticism.


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