Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Feeding my dog in an emergency

Sometime in our pup's first year, I came across a mention of B.A.R.F., (an acronym both for Biologically appropriate raw food and Bones and raw food, depending on who you read). Did a lot of research, because at that time I had no idea there was any controversy over pet foods, and had never thought of there being an alternative to commercial dog food. (I thought the choices were dry or canned...)

But once I actually thought about it and began examining ingredient labels, commercial dog food didn't look so hot. So I dug deeper into the raw food movement. (Aside: I find it amazing that food choices for pets are almost as polarizing as politics...) And the home-cooked movement. And gradually changed over our pup's food, using a mix of raw meat & bones and home-cooked recipes...

Anyway, going on 7 years now, she's still a "perfect canine specimen", according to our vet, who adds "whatever you're doing, keep doing it." Beautiful teeth, soft shiny coat that is never unpleasant to touch, a fresh outdoorsy odor, energetic and in great health.

Katrina. Well, I thought about emergencies before Katrina, she just motivated me to get even more serious about our water and food stockpiles. There's no good way, though, to stockpile raw meat or home-cooked dog meals. So I'm really grateful there are companies like Halo, which makes Spot's Stew. It's canned food, but that's what I need for stockpiling; has reassuring ingredients (human-grade chicken, zucchini, carrots, etc); and our dog loves it! And Katrina reminded me that it's time to pick up another case...


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