Thursday, September 22, 2005

The hunt for a gender changer

I spent an hour at Fry's, sitting on the floor, combing through loose items in a box. That seems to be their main storage system.

I found a 9-pin serial gender changer. But male. All the female gender changers were 15-pin. Then, in a bag labelled RJ45 adapter, there was a large piece of something with wires protruding and what looked to be a 9-pin serial gender changer female!

I get home. It is a 9-pin gender changer, but only one side is serial...the other, the holes are too large for the pins on the connector. I can't begin to figure out what this thing is for.

Phone book. Calls. Nobody has one. Finally, I log on and order it from CompUSA. $2.95 for the adapter, $18 for next day shipping. Argh...


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