Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Survivor controversy

Seems to me that recognition of different races and cultures is what the whole focus on celebration of diversity is about. So why the fuss over Survivor's new approach? There wasn't such an uproar when it was divided by sex or age.

Doug and Dave's exchange in the comments here nicely summarize the divide in reactions, I think, though obviously I lean toward Doug's POV.

I think the following season should divide the teams into political beliefs: republicans, democrats, libertarians, and "package deals are for travel agents" voters.

Remodeling: before the bid

Getting my daughter's bathroom remodeled was a project from hell. So traumatic, I didn't think I'd ever go through anything like that again. But, time clouds the memory, yes?

Actually, it's just a case of necessity. My daughter has moved out, and the downstairs rooms that were hers need to be fixed up so my mother can move in.

The fun part was diagramming out the spaces and wish-listing the project. (The gardener's sketch pads I got last spring really came in handy for that.)

Here are some of the things we'd like to do to the downstairs:

  • New wiring
  • Remove two closets
  • Build new closet
  • New carpet
  • New ceiling
  • New walls
  • Remove bar, mirrors on wall, windowseat, homemade shelves
  • New cupboards in laundry room
  • Kitchenette area

(think our plans are grandiose enough?)