Thursday, September 21, 2006

New fall shows: Men In Trees

Two of my favorite shows are Friends and ER -- both of which I didn't begin following until they'd been on for several seasons. In an effort to find new favorites without waiting several years to see how they do, I'm watching nearly a dozen new shows this fall from the pilot on. (Although that tactic did burn me last fall, when Threshold disappeared without warning.)

My first review, after a whole two episodes, is Men In Trees, which I'm sure was pitched as "picture Six Days and Seven Nights in Alaska". Fortunately, I adored Six Days and Seven Nights, particularly Anne Heche's character, Marin, and since she's playing the same character in Men In Trees...

But it works. She softens the edges of the Manhattan-based celeb-author just enough to be likable. The characters of Elmo are quirky enough to be interesting and earthbound enough to be plausible. The role of Annie (Emily Bergl) is especially challenging -- be an absolutely nutso stalker-style fan without being scary. (Her meeting with Patrick when they realize they 'met' previously in online chat is charming.)

I pretty much like everyone in Elmo already. Who could resist the gallantry of an entire town insisting they'd all slept with Marin...?


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