Friday, September 01, 2006

Remodeling: meeting with the contractor

Everyone will tell you that you have to get multiple bids. Why did I decide to only talk to one contractor?

Because of the ugly tale of the downstairs bathroom that I hinted at before.

Even now, I hate remembering the details of that project, but the end result was that when the contractor vanished with thousands of dollars and materials with the job half-done (and the half-done was piss-poorly done), J.W. came to my rescue. I know he's ethical, reliable, and does good work. That's worth more than gambling any money I might save with someone else, when it means risking a repeat of my previous experience.

So we only met with J.W. We told him our ideas, he told us his, and basically we're going to gut the downstairs (except that bathroom! and except for the load-bearing walls) and build it all back better than new.

To the tune of $85,000...


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