Sunday, August 19, 2007

A look at celebreality

VH1 has added a touch its celebreality shows that puts them a step above watching a train wreck.

I mean that as a compliment. In general, I get a feeling of prurient creepiness when I've seen episodes of some shows, and it's much like the morbid curiousity that makes you look at the remains of a disaster. But VH1 has three shows now that I'm watching regularly.

Bryan, Chris, Jeff, Rich, Scott, and Bret all come across as genuine, likable people. Except for Bret, they each have real problems and issues that they're dealing with, and I'm rooting for them and want them to succeed. I don't want the "man band" concept to be just a tv gimmick that gets pulled out from under them when the show is over. I'm really hoping Scott can grow up (they did a great job filming when Scott leaves the restaurant after "breaking up" with Johnny V). As for Bret - it takes a real suspension of disbelief to think he needs a show to find a girlfriend; but he's just so darn nice and sincere that I can't help enjoying his contest.

"Rock of Love" pushes it the most, but the other two shows maintain a level of dignity that I respect. And even Rock avoids dwelling on the sleazier aspects. None of the shows is trying to humiliate anyone or make them look ridiculous. Shows like "Surreal Life" and the ones with Flav could learn a lesson here.


At 10:38 PM, Blogger Schaz said...

Argh...let me point out that I was watching season 1 of Rock of Love. It rapidly went downhill, and the following season was sleaze-central.


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