Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why is Add/Remove Programs stupid?

I'm blogging for something to do while I wait for Add/Remove Programs to populate itself. This has irritated me for years, and now I'm going to express my frustration publically: why is Add/Remove Programs stupid??

The way it appears to work, each time I open Add/Remove Programs, it acts like this is the first time it's ever visited this computer, so it leisurely trolls through the registry and program files to see what interesting items are in the neighborhood (or however it does its thing). When it's done taking a census, it displays the list.

My expectation: you live in this neighborhood too, A/RP, so pay attention. When neighbors move out or new neighbors move in, make note of it. Then, when I visit you, you should know exactly what's going on in the neighborhood and tell me. Immediately.

Hmpf. I could have searched for the darn program I'm checking on myself quicker than you could tell me. Stupid A/RP.


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