Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan Boyle and redemption

If you haven't seen Susan Boyle's performance, you must.

Why did I refer to "redemption"? Because I think that's the gift Miss Boyle gave the audience, both those physically present and those of us watching online.

As the video starts and the scene is set up, one expects what one blogger called "a female William Hung". You can see it in the faces of audience members as the camera pans through, and in the vaguely bored expressions of the judges. Everyone is ready to snicker, cringe, groan, and laugh. Everyone is expecting a humiliating spectacle.

Then she sings.

What I see in the reactions of those watching is the redemption that I refer to: on every face, in the cheers and applause, in the spontaneous standing ovations, is each person casting aside their preconceptions and allowing themselves to feel genuine and heartfelt appreciation. And that's when we remember what it's like to feel that way, unguarded and honest.

Bless you, Susan Boyle, and may only good come to you from this.