Saturday, November 22, 2008

Smothers Brothers: best of season 3 dvd

Tonight I put on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: The Best of Season 3. I was about 9 when these episodes were on the air, so I vaguely remembered the show. (Although I grew up listening to their albums, so I know most of their routines and songs by heart.)

I watched about six episodes. There were some interesting moments -- until George Carlin spoke, I didn't believe that young man was really him! -- and great music. But, much of the comedy sketches

(A major aside: off-putting is in the dictionary, "Tending to disconcert or repel", but doesn't it seem like an odd construction? Like a Yoda phrase.)

Back to the comedy. Much of it was really heavy-handed. Those were dark and ugly times in our country, and the sketches were battles in the war against the darkness and ugliness. But it really became too much for me after awhile.

And I think it may be because of Obama. I think maybe this election has induced just enough cautious optimism that I want to leave the past in the past for a change.

Still, I'm happy that Tommy finally received his Emmy.


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